Welcome to Miss Peacock’s Makes! 🦚

This is my beautiful niece Sherida, the reason my brand exists today. 

I am Lisa, aka Miss Peacock in the classroom. I am a former geography teacher who has always cared passionately about the environment and my impact on not only the physical world, but others across it.

I have had a sewing machine for years but have mostly stuck to making tote and makeup bags. During first lockdown I upped my game to making my own clothes (see @misspeacockmakes), due to environmental reasons and being opposed to fast fashion.

Then my sister got pregnant. And I started to make baby clothes. They were soooo cute that I thought - well why not start a little handmade online store embodying everything I care about - being eco friendly and gender neutral - because girls can like cars 🚗 and boys can like flowers 💐 #feminism